Grizzco Weapons

Grizzco Blaster

WeaponDamageRangeInkingMobilityLessersEase of UseRole
Grizzco Blaster50/3533435All-Rounder



  • Excels at clearing lessers due to it’s fast fire rate and blast radius. A very good all-around weapon that should be focusing lessers and splatting statics if the other weapons struggle in this aspect.
  • Can quickly splat Fish Sticks from below or by climbing them.
  • During Goldie Rush this weapon should be on the frontline as it can splat the horde quickly.
  • During King Salmonid waves this weapon should prioritise clearing lessers and bosses

Grizzco Brella

WeaponDamageRangeInkingMobilityLessersEase of UseRole
Grizzco Brella8035455Turfer/Support



  • This weapon inks amazingly well so you should keep turf control to help you and the team. Deals a fair amount of damage but not as strong as the others. 
  • Can quickly splat Fish Sticks from below or by climbing them. Prioritise Flipper Floppers as this weapon paints the circles quickly.
  • During Goldie Rush this weapon should be on the frontline as it can splat the horde quickly.
  • During King Salmonid waves this weapon should prioritise clearing Salmonids and turfing.

Grizzco Charger

WeaponDamageRangeInkingMobilityLessersEase of UseRole
Grizzco Charger20053344Backliner



  • A very strong weapon that deals 200 damage with the same range as E-liter but no charge time. It does deal piercing damage so be sure to maximise this. You get 7 shots per full ink tank which is a good amount.
  • As there is no charge time for each shot a lot of times it is easy to spam shots unnecessarily due to panic or just button mashing. You want to be careful with this as it could leave you without ink very quickly. 
  • It can one cycle a Stinger with all 7 shots but just remember you will have no ink if you do this in one cycle so ensure you are safe. You can always partially damage the Stinger, re-charge your ink and then splat the Stinger.
  • Because of it’s range and fire rate it can be great at splatting static bosses that are quite far away, saving other players a lot of time going out to these bosses. 
  • A very useful weapon during Goldie Rush as it deals piercing damage to the horde, so try and shoot in straight lines. However, be careful not to splat Goldies too far from basket.
  • During Grillers this weapon should always be positioning itself to be able to get the stun/splat on Grillers. It stuns them very quickly and with it’s range, can be done from a safe distance.
  • During Mothership waves look up to the sky and if Chinooks are going to fly away from the basket you can often time your shots while the Chinooks way up in the sky and close to basket so the eggs fall closer to basket too. When the Mothership is at basket you shoot the Chinooks at the top of the Mothership for extra basket eggs.
  • During Tornado waves this weapon should focus lessers when they drop as it deals piercing damage so you can splat hordes quickly.
  • During King Salmonid waves when it is quiet, shoot the King Salmonid directly. But since it can splat bosses so quickly and from a fair distance be sure to be continuously splatting bosses.

Grizzco Dualies

WeaponDamageRangeInkingMobilityLessersEase of UseRole
Grizzco Dualies30 per shot/
125 per roll



  • This weapon deals a base damage of 30 per shot and 25 for a partial.
  • The dodge roll explosions can deal 125 damage or 40 based on the proximity of the Salmonids to the explosions.
  • On a full ink tank it is possible to get 9 rolls, so keep an eye on your ink tank and counting your rolls could also help. By the end of your rolls you want to save a little ink if possible to ink around you and move.
  • This weapon lacks range so it is best served getting close up to the Salmonids and dealing damage or splatting them. This is where the dodge rolls can be used to manoeuvre around the map while also splatting lessers using the blast radius.
  • While dodge rolling you can also fire your weapon so keep this in mind for a little extra damage.
  • This weapon excels as the cleaner, similar to Grizzco Blaster and Brella. Be sure to focus Lessers as much as possible by taking advantage of the dodge roll explosions to clear them quickly.
  • Do not get too carried away with the rolls as you can run out of ink quickly and also dodge roll into the water if you lose control. Practising control and ink management with the dodge rolls is important in maximising this weapon.
  • When dodge rolling, it does ink the floor so this can be used to paint Flipper Flopper rings.
  • The dodge roll explosions can splat Flyfish! Although this is more difficult to achieve than with the Grizzco Slosher and Splatana, it is still a nice feature of this weapon. You must have some elevation and dodge roll when you are close to the same height as the Flyfish Pilot. Here are some demonstrations by Octoloveling
  • It can splat a Fish Stick with one dodge roll at the top of the Fish Stick. See this demonstration by Sharkinodraws
  • It’s great at activating Slammin’ Lids by dodge rolling in and out and not having to worry about any lesser that may splat you at the foot of the Lid.
  • On special waves such as Seeking, Tornado, Mothership, Rush and Mudmouths where lessers are plentiful, the Grizzco Dualies can be great at clearing them with the main weapon and more so with the dodge rolls to help the team get quota and push for a high score if possible.
  • It does struggle with the lack of range of its main weapon so when fighting bosses such as Steelheads, you will need some elevation to reach the Steelhead bomb and splat it with your main weapon. 

Grizzco Slosher

WeaponDamageRangeInkingMobilityLessersEase of UseRole
Grizzco Slosher360/15041232Technical/Aggressor



  • The Grizzco Slosher does 360 of direct and what makes it so strong is that it pierces through Salmonid. Although it is slow and you only get 4 shots per full ink tank, it is very powerful. Check out this Grizzco Slosher guide by Hazmy
  • It can OHKO Flyfish if you aim for the Cockpit in the centre and Steelhead bombs when they are activated. See this demonstration by InklingRaven
  • It can also OHKO Stingers if aimed correctly by lobbing your shot in the air and the slosh splats the Stinger pots on it’s way down. See this demonstration by CheWoomy
  • To get full value from the Grizzco Slosher you want to try and maximise the piercing damage. Time your shots so you are damaging as many things as possible if there is a group of Salmonid.
  • It can pierce the armour of bosses too. So you can Splat bosses before they activate their vulnerabilities. Drizzlers  can be splatted with 3 shots each through their armour. Scrappers and Steelheads take 2 shots and Slammin Lid’s can be splatted with 2 shots by aiming your shot upwards towards the Chum.
  • During Goldie Rush you want to position yourself at the back of the group and try and shoot the oncoming horde in straight lines so the piercing damage can splat all the Chum within it’s range of fire.
  • It’s a great weapon for Griller waves as it can quickly stun/splat Grillers. Due to it’s slow fire rate and the Grillers moving quite quickly, try and anticipate where the Grillers will be by the time you have fired your shot. Be wary of Smallfry at all times as this weapon does struggle with them, especially when you have low ink.
  • Grizzco Slosher can shoot directly into the mouths of Mudmouths and splat them quickly. Be sure to prioritise splatting Mudmouths and let your team focus eggs but don’t ignore eggs completely if the quota is low.
  • It really does struggle with Fish Sticks and if you are in a situation where you need to splat a Fish Stick, shoot from below the Fish Stick rather than climbing up. Shoot at the left or right of the Stick rather than down the middle so you can often splat 2-3 Smallfry with one shot.
  • Ink management is so important with this weapon so be sure not to just spam your shots, every shot is important. Since one shot does travel quite far you can use the ink trail to move and charge your ink.
  • During a King Salmonid wave it is wise to use this weapon as a boss slayer weapon as it can splat most bosses very quickly.

Grizzco Splatana

WeaponDamageRangeInkingMobilityLessersEase of UseRole
Grizzco Splatana360/15021141Aggressor



  • The Grizzco Splatana has a powerful slash that deals 200.0 damage however this slash only inks a small area around you so be aware of your surroundings.
  • After charging the Grizzo Splatana it releases an incredibly powerful short range slash that can instantly splat almost anything! Holding forward while releasing the slash will cause you to dash forward.
  • The regular slash is great for taking out lessers and you can quickly take out large groups of them as long as you don’t have too many bosses after you. Note that Cohocks will need two slashes to KO.
  • The charged slash is a powerful tool to single out bosses. A stationary slash is a good way to take out lonely Flyfish (see this demonstration by PikaDave) or Flipper Floppers, Maws, Scrappers etc. Dashing forwards can be used to take out bosses in crowds. Keep in mind that the dash doesn’t pierce or deal damage, only the slash at the end does so if you do dash through a crowd it could leave you vulnerable at the end.
  • This weapon requires a patient and slow playstyle, wait for opportunities to take out problematic targets and carefully judge your situation to decide your next target.
  • If you don’t want to dash forward, but cannot stand still while charging the Splatana, try to walk backwards when you release your slash, this will prevent you from accidentally dashing forward.
  • Don’t forget that this can splat bosses like Drizzler and Steelheads before they activate themselves to become vulnerable to regular weapons. Grizzco Splatana can splat them no matter what their current state is if you are within range.
  • During Goldie Rush it is best to use the regular slashes against the horde as the charged shot is slow and does not pierce.
  • It can be a bit of a struggle during Mothership waves as it has such short range so be sure to anticipate Chinook landing spots to be able to splat them and collect their eggs.
  • A charged Grizzco Splatana shot can OHKO a Griller. It can be difficult to get the timing right and it is easier when a Griller is stunned but it’s great when you can splat it without needing the stun. See this demonstration by Reyko
  • Mudmouths are one of three Salmonids the Grizzco Splatana cannot one shot even with the charged slash, it will take 3 slashes to splat. However the Grizzco Splatana can splat it without the use of bombs. It’s an effective tool to deal with both the lesser Salmonids and the Mudmouths themselves.
  • The Grizzco Splatana’s charged attack deals massive damage to Cohozuna, it does leave you very vulnerable to its belly slam attack however and should only be used when you can quickly get away. Maneuvering around the Cohozuna is a must when you try to face it head on. The Grizzco Splatana can also be used to keep the other bosses under control, try to figure out which play style fits you best.

Grizzco Stringer

WeaponDamageRangeInkingMobilityLessersEase of UseRole
Grizzco Stringer150×944342Technical/Aggressor



  • The Grizzco Stringer fires 9 arrows in a very large spread, tap shooting it will paint a lot of ground in front of you!
  • Each fully charged arrow deals 150 damage, meaning all 9 arrows deal 1350 when all of them hit. Both the tap shot and the charged shot can be used horizontally and vertically.
  • As you get closer to Salmonids the reticles become tightly packed so you deal more concentrated damage. A good way to test this when possible is in the test lobby with the dummies. For example if a Drizzler is open and you are next to it, use a fully charged shot and jump at the same time. It will OHKO the Drizzler and the reticles will become vertical and very close together.
  • Its tap shots are a great tool to quickly paint a lot of ground and to splat lesser Salmonids, the shots are relatively close together but spread out enough to damage big groups of lessers in front of you.
  • Fully charged shots are excellent at splatting bosses, as a ranged weapon it can fire over lesser Salmonids to reach higher boss weak points but it’s also very good at dealing with more close ranged encounters with exposed bosses.
  • Despite being a ranged weapon it also excels at close range combat since it’s easier to hit all 9 arrows this way. This can be a problem when using it over longer ranges, as the spread of the arrows is increased. The Grizzco Stringer is very good at quickly adapting to the situation, when using it, try to judge which play style is best.
  • Try to always keep some ink in your tank as its vertical shots are very effective for painting escape paths.
  • It is the single strongest weapon against the King Salmonid, when this wave occurs try and get close to the King Salmonid and shoot it with fully charged shots as it does 1350 damage if you’re close enough. Look at the reticles when shooting if you wish to see if all of them will land on the King Salmonid.
  • It can OHKO most bosses with fully charged shots, however you need to be in close range for some of them to land all the shots. For Drizzlers, Steel Eels, Scrappers, Maws, Big Shots and Slammin’ Lids you will have to be quite close for the OHKO.
  • Don’t forget to utilise the vertical shots when jumping and shooting. They are great to paint Fish Sticks for yourself or teammates. You can climb the fish sticks and use tap shots to quickly splat multiple Smallfry. Vertical shots are also great for splatting Stingers.
  • During Goldie Rush waves it may be best to tap shot because the regular charged shots spread quite wide horizontally so most of them may be wasted. The vertical charged shots could have more value but it’s not a great deal. If the flies are targeting a teammate then if you can tap shot from a side angle to maximise the horizontal spread, this could be a good option.

Grizzco Roller

WeaponDamageRangeInkingMobilityLessersEase of UseRole
Grizzco Roller150 x 400 x 60035555Aggressor



  • The Grizzco Roller is a heavyweight weapon and when you initially start your roll it doesn’t hit it’s top speed immediately unlike other rollers.
  • While rolling the Grizzco Roller deals 400 damage so it can easily splat all lessers.
  • Horizontal flicks deal 150 damage which should only be used when rolling isn’t possible or required.
  • The vertical flick deals 600 damage which can be useful to splat bosses such as Steelheads for the OHKO.
  • Your role with this weapon is to be the cleaner. You want to focus on clearing the map of lessers and supporting your team. Use the super fast speed of the roll to navigate the map quickly and splat your targets.
  • It is very ink efficient and can easily splat certain bosses with it’s roll damage. Big Shots, Flipper Floppers (when inside their puddle), Maws and Steel Eel tails can be splatted pretty quickly with the roll. 
  • The vertical flick is quite slow so when using this, ensure you are safe to do so as you are vulnerable
  • During Goldie Rush or Goldie Seeking waves, treat this like you would with other rollers but with more power in your hands. Potential for very high scores if used correctly.
  • Overall this weapon doesn’t require much skill to use effectively and is a lot of fun to move around the map and splat Salmonid so quickly.