Twinlance Tournament

Organiser: Juanderful


We’re changing it up! Instead of playing with a friend and rando’s, we’re rolling out the new Twin-Squad Format!

  • You register with a twin here.
  • We’ll randomly match you with another twin pair within the tournament
  • The four of you will squad together to obtain the best rank after 10/15/20/30 games of your choice!
    *** You have the option to sign up solo and be matched with other solo registrants ***

We’ll still have two separate pools: Twin Level Casual (TLC) & Twin Level Max (TLM):

  • If you want to play in the tournament and have a chill time with other chill fishers, then TLC may be for you.
  • If you’re an experienced fisher and want to push your limits and win every award, then TLM fits your goals.

You can vote for 5 different brackets: TLC10, TLC15, TLC20, TLM20 or TLM30 where the number indicates the game amount. There will be winners for each bracket, and you should submit screenshots for the amount of games you feel shows your best performance as a twin.
NOTE, depending on the registrants, we’ll probably only keep 3-4 brackets once the tournament begins. This will be announced when the squads are announced.

If interested, please fill out this form by “Thursday, Sept 9, 9pm CDT, GMT-5.” Your squad will be randomly assigned before the rotation. Work with your squad on when you are able to play the games via DM’s or in the Twin Server squad chats. Let us know if you wish to have a private squad channel within the server. And you can come up with a squad name, too.

DC’s and other special instances will be evaluated on a case by case basis -> notify Juan.
NOTE, there is no prize for this specific tournament. Playing for fun and bragging rights 🙂

Any questions, ask Juanderful #8752 in Discord, Twitter, or DM. Hope you’re able to join and have fun!

Come Join the Twin Discord. Announcements and updates will be posted in this server.

What To Do

  • All players IDEALLY start at rank professional 400. If starting below 400, the final average rank of the squad will be calculated.
  • [IMPORTANT] Your squad must START THE ROTATION TOGETHER. If you play any other games before your twin games, YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. No exceptions.
  • After the games, take a screenshot your final ranks, the number of games played, and the average three stats found underneath average wave cleared number (see Screenshot 1 below).
  • Take a second screenshot of the total number of gold/power eggs at the end of the rotation. The total gold/power eggs should match your twin’s total gold/power eggs. (see Screenshot 2 below)
  • There will be a few brackets depending on popularity (TLC10, TLC15, TLC20, TLM20, TLM30) and will have winners for each bracket. Submit screenshots for the game category with the best performance. Any screenshot that doesn’t meet the amount of games played will be DISQUALIFIED. (10, 15, 20, 30 games).
  • Each squad will submit up to two screenshots per person for eight total screenshots for only ONE BRACKET.
  • [NEW] DM your the screenshots to “DM to Submit Screenshots” (ModMail#5460) on Discord. Submit your screenshots by Sunday 9/12 10am CDT GMT-5.
  • There will be standby players if someone on your squad needs to drop. Please contact the MOD team for any questions/concerns, sooner the better.


The winners will have the highest average rank and will be announced after the rotation closes.

Tiebreaker #1 will be most gold eggs collected as a squad
Tiebreaker #2 will be lowest death average as a squad.

There will be honorable mentions for the best squad and individual awards for each tiebreaker category.