Eggz Rank

What is it?

  • Think of it as a month-long, community hosted Eggstra Work. At the beginning of every month, a set of scenario codes will be announced on this page and the social media accounts for GrizzcoVP and/or Salmonrunink
  • Play the scenarios with friends and submit your golden egg scores to us. At the end of the month, all the scores submitted will be put into leaderboards and uploaded to on the website. Top 3 teams for each scenario will be shown on the leaderboard page and we can post links to videos for the top 3 teams if they are available. We may also show the best wave scores.
  • As an individual you are allowed to appear on multiple teams as we understand you may want to play with different players.
  • Important: The aim is to try and provide a fun, but competitive environment for dedicated Salmon Runners. However we are using codes with varying Hazard Levels so we can appeal to players of all skill levels. Use these scenarios to work on your Salmon Run skills and we hope that as a community we can learn from each other. If players do stream or post videos of their runs during the month with high scores, we will try and share them some to show what is possible with the right strategies, skill and synergy. This could help players that may have hit a ceiling and encourage them to try again with new strategies. 
  • This is currently a trial of the event. If we get a respectable participation rate then we will run it each month.

How do I play?

  • You have all month to play these scenarios you want, whenever you want! When you are satisfied with your score, you can submit it here. You don’t have to play all the codes just to submit one score! (Response editing is on, for adding or changing scores.)
  • There’s no registration, just get to playing! The scenario codes for each map are displayed below.
  • Use the button below to submit your scores using the form. Ensure you submit a screenshot of your score(s) from the Nintendo Switch Online app that shows the score and all the names of your teammates. If no proof is submitted your submission will be rejected. Try and submit your best score only for a particular team. So you may want to wait until later in the month to submit if you are going to play many sessions with a set team through the month.
  • You can try and find players and submit feedback in the Big Jog Discord Server
November 2023 Codes

Important: The Marooner’s Bay code should only be played as a DUO. Please do not submit your scores with a full squad as they won’t be accepted. Submit your results by the end of the month. 

Marooner’s Bay


Hazard Level: 189%

NT Seeking, NT, NT Mudmouths

Splat Dualies, Slosher, Blaster & Hydra Splatling


Marooner’s Bay


Hazard Level: 304%

HT Mudmouths, HT Griller, HT Fog

Aerospray, Splat Brella, H3 Nozzlenose & Explosher