SR Events


Twinlance Tournment

Do you like the randomness of Freelance while with a friend? Then come join this tournament hosted by Team RUT (Randoms Unite Together) to see how far you can climb in a twinlance run of 10-30 games!

Salmon Crawl

Salmon Timer Crawl is a community event where players join Freelance lobbies at the same time using a universal timer so they can be matched together. There are designated streamers, each with 2 hour slots for the rotation.

GrizzCo Overtime

GrizzCo Overtime provides a quick, easy to enter, individual-oriented tournament format. The tournament will run for approximately 2 hours. Players of all levels of skill and commitment are encouraged to participate! Voice chat is not essential.

Salmon Time

ST (Salmon Time) is an event where many players enter Freelance at the same time to try and play in the same lobby. The exact times you need to join, every hour, are :02, :10, :18, :26, :34, :42 and :50. Alternatively it is possible to use this Salmon Timer

Unfortunately you are restricted by region due to regional matchmaking. In Europe, ST events are often hosted by iibui. Be sure to follow him for updates.

In North America, ST events are hosted by the Trinkets SR group. Be sure to follow them for updates.