Grizzco Overtime

Organiser: JXayph


This format is largely borrowed from the Casual Cookoff hosted at Casual Arms. GrizzCo Overtime provides a quick, easy to enter, individual-oriented tournament format for Salmon Run.

  • The tournament will run for approximately 2 hours.
  • Players of all levels of skill and commitment are encouraged to participate!
  • Participants will be assigned a random* squad with other participants every round and given one chance to get as many golden eggs as possible as a team, before being assigned a new team and advancing to the next round.
  • The team’s golden egg count will be added to the score of each player from that team.
  • This will continue for the duration of the 2 hours, and the player with the highest score at the end of the tournament will be the champion!
  • For the sake of minimizing the effect of poor RNG, each player’s highest and lowest score will be dropped from their total.

*It’s not actually random, matchmaking employs an algorithm to avoid participants being matched with the same people twice, as much as is possible


To participate, players must join the GrizzCo. Overtime discord server. This server is dedicated to hosting and running the tournament, and should be inactive otherwise.

Players will register for the tournament via bot command. They must input their friend code and IGN. Players may also register via direct message to EggBot.

Please feel free to register regardless of if you’re sure you can play or not, as there will be a check to make sure players are ready when the tournament starts.

15 minutes before the tournament is scheduled to begin, registered players will be asked to confirm that they’re ready to play via bot command. Players that do not confirm that they are ready in time will not be allowed to participate.

See the announcements channel in the discord server. Registration ends when check in begins; 15 minutes before the start of the event

How it Works

Players will be assigned server roles that will allow them access to their designated squad rooms. Use these rooms and voice channels to add each other, communicate, strategize, and get to know each other before the round begins.

Once players are assigned to their specific rooms, the round timer will begin. Rounds will last 15 minutes each at most, and players must submit their team’s score before the next round begins, or accept a score of 0 (zero) for that round. If all submissions are in before 15 minutes have passed, an organizer may advance to the next round early.

Submit your score by pinging @Organizer after your game has concluded.

Score verification will be based on honour, but burden of proof will be enforced at the TO’s discretion. Valid proof may come as postgame screenshots, VODs, or screenshots of the NSO app. Valid proof must have all team members’ names and scores present.

Chat & Roles


What if we don’t have enough players for a full team?
If the number of registered players is not evenly divisible by 4, some teams must queue with freelancers. Matchmaking will do its best to ensure that players see an even distribution of freelancers.

What if I have to leave early?
If you must leave early, your place in matchmaking will be taken by a freelancer. I understand that emergencies come up, and will not hold it against you. I do ask, however, that players only check in if they can commit to at least an hour of play and preferably the full duration. Players that show up late to check-in but still want to participate may stand in as substitutes for early departures at TO’s discretion.

What if we have a disconnected player on our team?
Your team will be given the option to play a redo-game after the tournament has concluded, if you choose to. The higher score between the two rounds will be accepted. Players who disconnect multiple times throughout the tourney may play out all their redo games, but only the first game they disconnected in may have their score changed. This is to discourage players from intentionally disconnecting for a second chance.


There will be NO tolerance for cheating. Players that are found to be faking scores, filling in freelancer slots with friends, or violating rules in any other capacity will be banned.

There will be NO tolerance for toxic behaviour. Constructive criticism of play is allowed, but overt flaming of your teammates will not be tolerated. Players will be warned, and banned if such behaviour persists, and may be banned instantly without warning at TO’s discretion.