Custom Bingo Card

Salmon Run Bingo allows you to set certain challenges that can be ticked off once achieved. These can be individual challenges or team challenges, an example being “Splat 2 Steelheads with 1 Splashdown”. Alternatively you could race with other players and see who can clear their bingo card first.

Below you can create your own custom bingo card or select one of our ready made Bingo Cards. If you are struggling to think of challenges here are some recommended SR Bingo Challenges.

How It Works

  1. Click inside one of the rectangles and enter a challenge. If you plan to shrink the browser window to show a smaller version of the bingo card ensure your challenges do not have too many words.
  2. When you click inside a rectangle it gets marked with an orange background this is to denote a challenge as complete but obviously the bingo card is incomplete so click inside the rectangle again to remove the orange background.
  3. If you double click a rectangle it gets marked with a green background if you are playing with a friend you can mark their challenge completions in green. If you accidentally double click a rectangle you can double click it again to remove the purple background.
  4. Using the Colours options under Controls you can set your own custom colours for the Single and Double clicks.
  5. It is possible to set a Timer if you wish and under Select Usage you can choose how you wish to play the bingo.
  6. The Reset button clears the card (refreshing the page will also clear the card).
  7. The Download button lets you save your card as a .PNG and you can share on social media.




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Colours: Primary: Secondary:

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