Waves Bingo Card



When a challenge is denoted as “Normal Tide > High Tide” this means you have a Normal Tide wave followed by a High Tide wave

  1. Single click a challenge to mark it as complete. If you are playing with a friend it is possible to double click a challenge to mark it with a different colour. Under Controls you can set custom colours for the Single or Double clicks.
  2. Challenges are only complete if you win the shift
  3. Can set a Timer if you wish
  4. The Randomize button alters the order of the challenges, adding some replayability value.
  5. Under Controls You can choose how you wish to play Bingo. Once complete you can click Download and Save your card as a .PNG
  6. In the challenges a total with the “+” means it must be equal to or above that number
  7. The challenges are usually applied to your individual efforts unless Team is specified




Colours: Primary: Secondary:
MudmouthHigh Tide GrillersTornadoCohock ChargeWave 1 Low Tide
Normal Tide GrillersNormal Tide Goldie RushLow Tide MothershipLow Tide > Normal TideWave 1 High Tide
High Tide Goldie RushNormal Tide GrillersNormal Tide > High TideWave 2 Night EventNormal Tide Mothership
Wave 3 Normal TideNormal Tide FogHigh Tide MothershipLow Tide FogHigh Tide Seeking
High Tide FogWave 3 Night EventNight Wave > Normal TideNormal Tide SeekingHigh Tide

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